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Largemouth Bass Genetic Testing (Fall 2018)

Anglers, Pond Owners and Managers–Interested in the genetics of the bass in your pond?  Want to check the purity of Northern strain or Florida strain bass you intend to stock?  Want to assess the impact of stocking F1s (TigerBass)? Want to know the genetics of the “trophy” size fish caught by you, your customers, or sampled during electrofishing?

We have recently developed two diagnostic panels of bass SNP markers with the capability of assessing Florida/Northern purity or percentage with a far higher degree of accuracy than traditional electrophoresis/isozyme or microsatellite marker analysis.  Whereas those techniques are limited to 2-6 diagnostic markers, we have >60 diagnostic markers capable of distinguishing between Florida and Northern specific alleles.  The result is a far more precise picture of what’s in your pond or hatchery tank.

We’ve tested these markers on >7500 fish from rivers, reservoirs, private ponds, and hatcheries, all with good results.

The Basics

  • Non-lethal fin clip sampling (dress shirt button size) or swab sampling (call me for details)
  • We will provide sampling tubes or swab kits
  • Average 2.5 week results turn-around time (48 hr expedited turn-around available)
  • 50 fish minimum sample size (we can work with you on this)
  • $13/fish
    • Decreasing cost/sample on larger orders
  • Results provided in written report and/or by phone with interpretation (Sample Report)

Interested? Questions or want to see some previous results? Contact me by email ( or phone (334.734.4611).

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