The StrikeForce (Fall 2018)


Osman Montero

Osman Montero (Fish Technician)


Ryan picture

Ryan Zhao (M.S. 2015/Ph.D. student; Fall 2019)

Projects: Nutritional impacts on mucosal immunity; GBS for parentage analysis in bass; SNP marker development

sarah johnson bass

Sarah Johnson (M.S. student; Fall 2019)

Projects: Swab-A-Hog! and the ARB Cryptic Bass


Matthew Lewis (Ph.D. student; Fall 2021)

Projects: AL Redeye Bass



Gus Kirby (Siderophores and Aeromonas virulence)

Megan Justice

Megan Justice (Black Bass Genetics)


Lab Alumni

Haitham picture

Haitham Mohammed (Postdoctoral Fellow–2016-2018)

Project: Aeromonas and columnaris pathogenesis


Megan Roberts (Undergrad Student Worker (2016-2018); Bass genotyping)

Lauren for website

Lauren Davis (M.S. student; Spring 2018)

Project: Swab sampling for black bass; Altamaha River Basin bass genetics survey

Wilawan Thongda (Ph.D. ; Spring 2018)

Projects: SNP resources for black bass and Eastern oyster

Researcher with the government of Thailand

dongdong zhang

Dongdong Zhang (PhD, Fall 2017)

Project: Vaccine-mediated protection in catfish; Tilapia lectins, Rhamnolipids

Taylor for website

Taylor Brown (MS, Fall 2017)

Project: Nutritional supplementation for disease resistance in catfish

Currently: SouthFresh Feeds, Demopolis, AL








James Mazzola (MS, Spring 2017)

Project: Phytase Superdosing in Catfish

Currently: Marine Corps officer

Ginger Stuckey

Ginger Stuckey (M.S. : Spring 2015)

Project: Raceway Selection of Superior Hybrid Catfish Genotypes

Currently: American SportFish, Montgomery, AL


Spencer Gowan (M.S. ; Summer 2015)

Project: Sex-linked markers in black basses

Currently: Production Manager, Australis Aquaculture, Turner Falls, MA


Chao Li, Ph.D. (Ph.D./Postdoc; Summer 2014)

Projects: Understanding the Complexity of the Catfish Mucosal Immune Response; Flavobacterium columnare; Edwardsiella ictaluri; Aeromonas hydrophila

Currently: Professor. Qingdao Agricultural University, China

Yupeng Luo (M.S.; 2014)

Projects: Freshwater Mussel Heat Stress Responses ( Fall 2013)


Jake Gayle (Undergraduate, Pre-Dentistry; 2013-2014)

Project: Raceway-Selection



Saowalak Onming (Visiting Ph.D. student (2014), Kasetsart University, Thailand)

Project:  SNP markers for freshwater prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii)


Michael Gyengo (M.S.–completed 2012)

Projects:  Raceway Selection; Differential Susceptibility of Channel, Blue, and Hybrid Catfish to Acute Low Oxygen Events

Lisa Liu (undergrad summer internship–2012–Cornell University)

Project: Nutritional-Immuno Interface in Channel and Blue Catfish

Eric Allison (undergraduate–FAA)

Tom Houston

Thomas Houston (Undergrad/MS (2013)

Project: Raceway selection of superior hybrid catfish genotypes


Dr. Wang picture

Xingqiang Wang (Visting Scholar (2014), Huaihai Institute of Technology, China)


Samiran Nandi, Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture, India (Visiting Scholar, 2011)

Sriprakash Mohanty, Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture, India (Visiting Scholar, 2011)